Hydros Filter Reclamation Program

By using your Hydros Filter, you just saved 200 plastic bottles from going into a landfill. Now, keep your filter from suffering the same fate and join our filter reclamation program!

Your filter has been trapping contaminants from tap water for the past three months. If disposed of improperly, it could eventually break down and release those back into ground water sources, something we want to avoid. Instead, send us your old bottles and filters so we can recycle the various components and give them a second life. Interested? Read on!

You can participate in two ways:

1. Recycle your filter at participating retail locations. We will be announcing the list of locations soon -- stay tuned!


2. Send your filter directly to us to be recycled. All you need to do is:

-Leave your filter out for 3 days to dry out completely.

-Place it in a plastic bag (either the ziplock or grocery kind) and pack it in a box. Bags and boxes will be recycled as well.

-Mail your filter to:

Hydros Filter Reclamation
2006 Walnut Street, FL 3
Philadelphia, PA 19103