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“If you are environmentally conscious -- and you think paying $4 for a bottle of water at the airport is outrageous -- add the Hydros reusable water-filtering bottle to your gift list.” – AOL Travel

“I just started to use the Hydros bottle at work. I love the money it saves and the fact that I am no longer contributing to the plastic bottle problem.” -Jennifer G.

“How exciting...finally someone created a self filtering personal water bottle...Brilliant I thought! I needed one (or 2) and so did my daughter who was preparing to leave for college. As someone who believes in the benefits of clean filtered water, nutrition and health, I knew this was something to get excited about!” -Michelle C.

“Hydros is more than a company -- it is an investor in solving the global water crisis.” – The Huffington Post

“Penn grads build business model around striving to solve water problems, both here in the US where water is plenty, and in developing countries where water is sparse.” – Tango Echo

“Water bottle — you’re the one. I never thought I’d sing the praises of a tall drink of cool water, but the Hydros Water Bottle changed all that.” – ZDNet

“So I was on a mission to find a reusable water bottle to meet my needs. I was feeling guilty and wasteful for drinking bottled water, and I wanted something that could save me money, but be as convenient as bottled water. I chose the Hydros because I don't have to suck on it like sports' water bottles, it has a filter, I like the design, it's BPA-free, and dish-washer safe.” -Elise