The Problem:

The World Bank is one of the major sources of funding for water projects and builds projects through private partners. These partners have continually left communities worse off than they began by building large dams that are not maintained and are disconnected from the community. Many times price increases are pushed  onto communities that can't afford them. These types of water projects are all too common but Hydros is looking to change this.

The Solution:

In order to establish a plan to solve the water crisis Hydros has established criteria for "Sustainable Development". This is the criteria that Operation Hydros  uses for every one of its water projects.

Sustainable Development Criteria:

Community Involvement - In order for Operation Hydros projects to succeed, communities must be highly organized and motivated to contribute to the project.   All projects should demonstrate that the community has been actively involved in development of the project proposal. 

Small Scope - The project must be within a reasonable scope to be completed by a group of program volunteers.   We typically collaborate with small communities (100-5,000 residents) on projects that cost between $5,000 and $100,000 to implement. 

Open Access - The proposed project should be openly accessible to all members of the community regardless of race, religion, or social standing. 

Long-term Commitment – Operation Hydros requires that both the implementing organization and the communities we work with commit to a minimum five year partnership. 

Financial Independence – The communities we work with must demonstrate the ability to fiscally sustain the project once it has been implemented.  While Operation Hydros  contributes funding for the project implementation, it is the community’s responsibility to create a fund for ongoing maintenance.  For example, a community wishing to implement a water project must demonstrate the ability to create a water committee which will collect monthly fees from community members for maintenance and repair costs.  Without the ability to maintain the infrastructure, projects will never succeed.

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