Hydros: A Startup Story

Back in Spring 2009, Jay and Aakash decided to start Hydros at 4am in the basement of a University of Pennsylvania study hall. The two undergraduates were busy writing a business plan for the Dell Social Innovation Competition, due in just 8 short hours. Their idea: sell a filtering water bottle to raise money for global water projects and rid the world of plastic bottled water. 

After finishing as semifinalists in the competition, they ran into Winston who arranged the company's financing and brought a seasoned group of entrepreneurs on to the company's Board.  The three walked away from their future jobs and set out to develop the first prototype with the technical help of their friends at Innova Dynamics, Inc.  Prototype in hand, they found manufacturing partners (made locally in the US) and the first retailers (thanks Whole Foods!). You can read more about the team here.

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